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FAQs - General Questions

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If your question is not answered here, please let us know! We add to our FAQ page when we see a common question. Thanks for your input!

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Q: Will I get seasick?

A: Even if you or your child suffer from motion sickness during car rides and airplane rides, it is still unlikely for you to become seasick. Due to the size of the ship as well as the stabilizers that all ships are equipped with, it is unlikely you will notice any motion at all. Of course, some parts of the ocean offer smoother waters than others, but should the seas get rough, there are medications available on board.

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Q: Will I get bored?

A: Very unlikely!! The activities on board a cruise ship are amazing. The larger the ship, there are more activities simply due to the number of people on board. Be prepared to be dazzled with too many choices. Typical activities include: shore excursions, water sports, pool activities, fitness centers, masquerade parties, live entertainment, casinos, bingo, dance lessons, talent contests, karoake, wine tasting, movies, and much more.

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Q: Will my child get bored?

A: All major cruise lines offer programs for children. More specifically, most ships offer age specific activities such as: camps, day care or baby sitting services. It is recommended that passengers check with their respective cruise line to inquire about specific programs.

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Q: Will I need a passport?

A: A passport is required. Non-U.S. citizens who are residing in the U.S. are required to travel with their Alien Registration Card and valid passports. All others must have valid passports and necessary visas at disembarkment. Always consult your travel agent or cruise line agent for more information.

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Q: What about sightseeing off the ship?

A: Typically, ships arrive in a port early in the morning, giving you time to go ashore, shop and explore the land or beach. You may also pay extra to go on planned excursions which are arranged by the ship's crew or local sightseeing companies. Avoid long lines and the disappointment of sold out excursions by pre-booking shore excursions with our affiliate ShoreTrips!

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Q: Is participation in ship activities mandatory or can I just relax and do what I want?

A: Activities are may be scheduled or impromptu all day long on a cruise. You can choose the ones you want or none at all - you are on vacation, so you can do what you want! Each ship has at least one pool where guests may relax, as well as several libraries and lounges where you can find a nice quiet space for you, your family and friends.

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Q: How much does a cruise cost?

A: Almost everyone will agree at any price a cruise is a great deal. You could spend $400 for a three-night cruise in the Caribbean to $35,000 for a suite on an extensive cruise to Africa. Cruises can be incredible and affordable because of their all-inclusive nature. Think about it - one price covers food, accommodations and entertainment. Many guests go the entire cruise without ever reaching for extra cash! Of course, shopping is extra!!

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Q: What is included in the price of the cruise?

A: Whatever you pay, the value in the price is that it includes almost everything: meals, your room, taxes, on-board activities and entertainment. In some cases even the airfare is included. Extras will typically include alcohol, shore excursions, tips, gambling, phone calls, faxes, etc.

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Q: Is tipping necessary? How much?

A: Tipping is always up to you, remember it stands for: "To Ensure Prompt Service". Your wait staff, steward and ship's staff know this as well. Although a few cruise lines have a no tipping policy, $10.00 per day is a safe rule of thumb. This should cover your waiter, bus boy and cabin steward. Anyone else who makes your cruise special or memorable should be tipped at your discretion.

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Q: Can I make calls home from the ship?

A: Most of the newer ships offer ship to shore phone service. Some ships have phones in your stateroom. As the rates are extremely high, it is best to limit your calls and simply relax on your cruise vacation.

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Q: Can I check my email from the ship?

A: Many of the newer ships offer business centers and computers with access to the Internet. Computer use can be rented at a fairly reasonable rate, but direct dial to your Internet provider via your laptop could cost as much as $10 or more per minute. Be sure to check the availability of these services specifically with each ship before booking your cruise.

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